Wizards and Chickens

Wizards and Chickens, a gala performance

The Aldgate Advocate presents a review excerpted from Kobolds Korner by our special Arts Correspondent of the recent pantomime phenomenon.

a revu ov the pants mime corled WIZIDZ an CHIKINZ!!

i orlreddy rote a revu but mi boses sed that im not supos too jus rite the scrip an im supos to rite mi thorts insted. so heer is mi thorts insted. i likd it a lot!!! the bit with the CHIKINZ wos the best bit but the bit with the WIZIDZ wos the best bit too. thay wer both the best bit!!!!! i didn no that we culd stakk that hi!! theer wer twenti of us!!!! i thort that MIKMEK wos the funni wun an hee went throo the fense lik a cannen borl!! i larfd!!!!! then the WIZIDZ wer sad becos wun kisst anotha wun or sumthin but i wosnt wotchn that bit becos the swompfish kabebs wos arive an i wos hugri. thay wos yumi!!!!!!! the hoomans wos sayin that thay wosnt kookd but thats hou thay ar supos too be!! the bit with the musroom wos a supriz becos i remembed that from the larst pants mime that wos heer so i thin that wos a jok for us that wos orlreddy heer for the larst pants mime that had the musroom. that is mi revu.26313e9c4ca9adc66420442afc962b9d.png

Wizards and Chickens

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