Carrier Pigeon Service

To facilitate fast communication over long distances, the wealthiest citizens of the Bright Coast often employ magical means. However, a much more mundane but also much less expensive alternative exists – specially-trained pigeons capable of carrying messages hundreds of miles in a day.

Cost: Operating a private dovecot to a single destination costs 10gp per message. Additional birds can be added at a cost of 100gp each – this can either increase the number of messages capable of being sent at a time or add an additional destination. This includes the keeping costs associated at each ‘end’ of the transmission.

Using a public pigeon service is much cheaper, as little as 5sp per message, though routes are very select and it may take a few days for the message to reach the front of the queue. Additional charges of 1cp per mile will apply if the message is to be hand-delivered to it’s final location. Alternatively, one can purchase a single line of text – also known as a “coo” – for one Steel Pidgeon (worth 7.5 copper). This is combined with other messages, 20 per page.

Capabilities: Once a message is sent, the pigeon travels approximately 500 miles per day in fine weather, though poor conditions can reduce this speed by half or more. A pigeon is capable of carrying approximately 2 ounces. This is roughly equal to the weight of two spell scrolls, two wands, six coins or two doses of potion.

Oleg’s trading post currently operates pigeons between:

  • Khaz Thurim and Trading Post (200 miles)
  • Goldenmere and Trading Post (500 miles)
  • Nivakta’s Crossing
  • Tatzlford

Training at the Rushlight Games

Many competitors spend all their free time preparing for upcoming events, and even the most dilettante entrant benefits from a few hours instruction.

You may spend any session in training rather instead of another activity. Training in this manner allows the character to accrue up to a +6 bonus in any one skill, two +3 bonuses in that skill or three +2 bonuses in that skill. These bonuses may be spent to add them to that type of skill check or attack roll (if appropriate) in an upcoming event.

Note that a single training session may only be devoted to one skill, and the at of the training session is equal to the total bonus gained x 30gp.

Each skill may only have a number of bonuses at one time equal to the appropriate ability modifier. For example, a character with 18 Dexterity training in archery may only have up to four ranged attack bonuses at any one time. If she currently had ‘+2’ , ‘+3’ , ‘+3’ and ‘+6’ bonuses, and wishes to train again, she would have to exchange one of her existing bonuses to gain a new one.

While training in this manner may be applied to certain attack rolls, it focuses on techniques used in sports display. For other uses outside formal competition, see the Scheme for an Upcoming Adventure rules in Ultimate Campaigns.


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