Carrier Pigeon Service

To facilitate fast communication over long distances, the wealthiest citizens of the Bright Coast often employ magical means. However, a much more mundane but also much less expensive alternative exists – specially-trained pigeons capable of carrying messages hundreds of miles in a day.

Cost: Operating a private dovecot to a single destination costs 10gp per message. Additional birds can be added at a cost of 100gp each – this can either increase the number of messages capable of being sent at a time or add an additional destination. This includes the keeping costs associated at each ‘end’ of the transmission.

Using a public pigeon service is much cheaper, as little as 5sp per message, though routes are very select and it may take a few days for the message to reach the front of the queue. Additional charges of 1cp per mile will apply if the message is to be hand-delivered to it’s final location.

Capabilities: Once a message is sent, the pigeon travels approximately 500 miles per day in fine weather, though poor conditions can reduce this speed by half or more. A pigeon is capable of carrying approximately 2 ounces. This is roughly equal to the weight of two spell scrolls, two wands, six coins or two doses of potion.

Oleg’s trading post currently operates pigeons between:

  • Khaz Thurim and Trading Post (200 miles)
  • Goldenmere and Trading Post (500 miles)
  • Nivakta’s Crossing
  • Tatzlford


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