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blatant xp grab... I mean new log

A letter

Snorrï to Mesym and Cedric, Greetings.

A quick missive from our western borderlands, sent by way of Tätzlford – we’ve finally mapped out the foothills (see, Mesym? I haven’t entirely forgot what our king sent us out here for in the first place!) and we’ve taken a look at that strange castle the gnomes warned us about. They really should have been more specific! It looks like some kind of ancient – really ancient – elfish fortress. Defended by some fae and – of course! – still inhabited by some kind of ancient elfish vampire(?) Very dangerous, but dead now. I think.

Anyway, have a look into the budget and see if we can’t kit out a cleanup crew from the guard (and any volunteers), I want to see the golden pipes flying over this place before the year is out. They’ll need some masons as well, and for sure certain a mage and someone from the temple. Oh and see if Saren is up to getting us some see-invisibility scrolls for the new garrison. Until we’ve got a decent presence here I don’t trust this place. Too many trees for one thing!


WinterFae _SNORRI

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