Tessa Bindlefall

Gnome Printer and Chronicler


Despite spending much of her time working with recalcitrant machinery, oil, grease and ink, Latessilla ‘Tessa’ Bindlefall is almost always miraculously unstained. Tall for a gnome, she has a bright, sunny disposition and a ready ear for tales and rumours. In fact, her unassuming nature can be quite disarming, and people often find themselves telling her much more truth than they intended.


Hailing from Istport in Ilband, Tessa has spent much of the last few years in search of a much quieter place where she can tinker with her favourite thing in the world, the huge iron press she calls ‘Old Rattlebones’. She has recently set up a small printing shop in the new settlement at Oleg’s where she can offer her services to passing caravans, merchants and other folk. She also does jobbing printing for people in the small town, and publishes her irregular broadsheet The Trading Post.

Tessa Bindlefall

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