A Druid escaping from society


It has come to my attention that fellow members of this party want to know all about where I come from and how I, a half elf, came to align myself with a dwarven party.

Well as you have probably noticed I am not the typical elf, however having elf blood, I am not the typical human either. To be frank, I have forsaken them both as arrogant, proud a***holes, which in the end I see as being their own undoing (I will laugh as I watch their demise!!!).

Being a half breed I was not welcome by either so I left to live in the wilderness. I developed my connection with nature but I knew that wasn’t enough. I needed to prove to my previous people that I could not only survive but thrive on my own. I harnessed my connection with the land and with my determination and disregard for my ancestors worked on strengthening myself (literally!).

Having built myself up and getting a grasp on my new surroundings I began to listen to the whispers of the trees and animals about the surrounding towns and people. I heard a lot about a clean up crew going through the forests and ridding it of the filthy bandits that spread their filth as much as their terror. I found a poster that stated ‘SNORRI’ knew at once it must have been a dwarf who was the leader of this band of travelling cleaners.

Knowing the aeons old rivalry between those bastard elves and the dwarves I knew I needed to become accepted into this party as a last laugh to my ancestry. I found Snorri and co and followed them for some time unnoticed until I saw the perfect opportunity to show my skill and strength to prove my use to them.

Now I am continuing my journey of developing my druid abilities and strength alongside this bunch of misfits.



It is my hope that by joining this party I will not only prove my worth in skills to help these people, I will find a place where I belong. In doing this I will also aim to develop a friendship with a rival race (the dwarves) and therefore laugh in the faces of those idiots in my birthplace!


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