Lonely Boggard of the Stolen Lands


Bulbous eyes glare atop his decidedly toad-like head, and a multitude of warts and bumps decorate its greenish skin. Despite such an unlovely appearance, Garuum is kind and more than willing to befriend travelers who mean him no harm. He particularly dotes on his pet Slurk named Ubagub (probably).


Although communication with him is limited in the extreme, Garuum is clearly immensely proud of the home he has made for himself in the swamps, amid the ruins of an ancient tower, and acts rather morose if questioned too closely about his past. It is plain that he considers himself the owner of the swamp he has claimed for himself, and he likewise considers himself a wise, just and generous ruler of the various frogs, fish and fungi that populate his domain.

Garuum has recently become perplexed by the sudden influx of the Drett, Tomas and Talebot families, who settled in his swamp and began a surprisingly profitable fishing business in the deeper pools and marshes.


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