Ganic Alebrand

Smith at Oleg's Trading Post


The first thing that anyone notices about Ganic is his beard – uncharacteristically kept short for a dwarf, and further bound into gold d√Ľnostetzil (lit. beard-stops) to avoid complications when working his forge. The second thing anyone notices is his almost ever-present cigar, which he chooses over the more traditional pipe as easier to smoke while working. However, it’s not until he removes his thick goggles that his most defining feature is revealed – his missing right eye. If pressed, he will tell the tale of how he lost it to a troll’s spear, and how the replacement that sits in its socket is carved from that troll’s tusks.


Ganic hails from Istport and spent a good portion of his long life so far travelling the roads of the Bright Coast, looking for work. As winter approaches, he has found a welcome place for his forgecart at Oleg’s and has been hard at work doing all the necessary smithing that a bustling little trading post needs.

Ganic Alebrand

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