Akiros Ismort

Reformed bandit, head of Fort Snorrï


Tall and lean, with grey hair and a wiry silver beard, Akiros is an imposing figure when he needs to be. When not expecting trouble he wears stout leathers and roughspun, with a longsword at his hip. When arrayed for duty, he adds well-maintained chainmail, a large steel shield and a longbow to his ensemble.

A dour man, he is prone to fits of blind rage if provoked, and to see him worked up is a terrifying experience. He is, however, making efforts to restrain his temper, as challenging as that is for him.


Akiros is not talkative, but has shared some details of how he came to be in service to the Stag Lord. About the same time the Stag Lord started making a name for himself, Akiros found himself wandering the Stolen lands as a fugitive, though the two didn’t meet for another few months. His natural strength and leadership skills impressed the man, and in a short time he took the position of the Stag Lord’s right-hand man – an appointment that did not win favour with the previous incumbent.

Though he was content for a time, the life of a bandit did not suit him and what once was his escape soon became his prison. When the camp was attacked by explorers and he saw their strength and cunning, he also saw a way to possibly begin freeing himself from the life he had built. Turning on his former allies, he aided in the fight in exchange for his life.

Seeing promise in the man, and being merciful, he was placed in command of the remains of the fort – to recruit what men he could to the cause, and to begin repairs and improvements. To this end he has already found three other bandits he trusts enough to convince them to put aside banditry for honest labour.

And yet, it is impossible to escape the feeling that Akiros has much more story to tell, one which weighs heavily on him.

Akiros Ismort

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