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some journal pages

17 Palesun

We’re on the road, and it’s been a busy couple of weeks, dear journal. First that ambitious little kobold bastard – dealt with through diplomacy, selling him on taking a demotion as an honour, the nitwit. I’ve installed Rezbin as viceroy instead – he’s trustworthy and knows what he’s doing, unlike his predecessor in the role. But I digress. Then we ended up in a horrific series of portal-jumps and Yngvï has… found a new friend. Some kind of automaton, I think. It’s good for him, I’ve been worried he might be jealous now Xinn’s been promoted to my personal hussar. In any rate he has a pet automaton now – it’s quite impressively intelligent in some ways and has been helping Saren with the ‘pink goo’ problem. Oh and hasn’t that just gotten out of control! Saren has shifted into the aether to try and deal with it, which is worrisome. We’ve been putting off a decision about what to do about him.

Of course, then a dragon showed up out of nowhere. YES AN ACTUAL DRAGON. Covered in this awful fungus too – in the poems the dragons aren’t covered in fungus. Maybe I’ll pen a short lay about this one. I had remembered his name from somewhere, Thingo the death master or something. Anyway we managed to bring it down and its burnished skull will make a lovely addition to the castle gates.

I thought a nice little trip to do some mapping would clear our heads – but because the gods enjoy terrible jokes we waltzed straight into some kind of ancient fey-guarded elvish fortress – still inhabited by an ancient elvish vampire of some kind. We almost all became thralls, but thankfully Tansÿ saw through her illusions and busted us out. Least that’s what she said happened. She’s becoming extremely powerful, and I’m very glad she’s on our side. But I do worry she’ll eventually tire of us. She is half elfish after all, even if she’s got a good dwarfy fire in her belly! There is always that possible solution to keep her around… not for my sake, of course! For the good of the realm, you understand.

20 Palesun

Tansÿ has taken off. While out surveying the region mapping we stumbled across two cyclopses performing some kind of heinous ritual (they mentioned Sharptooth? I thought that was a fake kobold idol – must look into). We were outmatched, until Tansÿ just, well, destroyed them. Herself. I know I’ve been trying to teach her how to embrace her inner rage, but… Loki’s arse she’s a one woman cannon battery! And then she just left. Did I mention I was worried, before?

Well, we’ll keep mapping the southern borderlands. She’ll catch up.

2 Highsun


Ides of Firedays

Yngï dragged me to the Wyvern’s Head to see a kobold panto. ‘Wizards and Chickens’. I still don’t understand the lad’s fascination with the scaly little bastards, but the worst part is – the production was actually quite good. Part of the reason was that Marlow and his Uncanny Troubadours actually deigned to come to our little town to perform! Very exciting, and utterly wasted on such a facile little script, but they gave the whole proceedings some verve, and that part with the mushroom was very avant-garde.

28 Firedays

She’s back.

1 Firewane

We’ve decided something needs to be done about this mess with the pink goo syndrome. Saren’s been gone a couple of months now and our quarantined sick bay seems to be, I don’t ken, sick itself. We’ve decided in council to go ourselves to visit the capital and seek out the revered (and, I will guess, fractured) minds who run the Sealed College. Maybe they’ll know something about this disease or these gith-ankeys (people’re mixed up in some kind of space whaling enterprise, apparently).


WinterFae _SNORRI

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