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A page from Snorri' journal

Letter from the king today – all of our good work is paying off! He’s promoted me Viscount Skæggland and raised little Yngï and our friends to knighthoods. He’s also formally recognised our claim to Varn’s old lands – I was a bit worried about that one! But it should help keep the peace with the horsefolk. Xanthippe (note to self: find out if that’s how to spell it) seemed ok with sending over a contingent. I wonder how many of them would like to work for us. It’d be good to have an inexpensive cavalry wing!

So, didn’t tell his Maj that Varnhold castle burned down.. Probably for the best. I don’t know where that fiery stormy rune came from, but there’s some real potential there if I can remember how to draw it again. And ever since, Tansy’s been giving me these really weird looks in the hallways, too…

Odin’s beard, almost forgot – Saren translated those books we found in Vordekai’s lair – lots of nonsense about darkness and voids and doom (so, that’s grand) and also what look like summoning spells for some sort of creature called Hagabaga or something. But parts of it are clearly a diary (not as nice a one as you, o journal my journal!) and mention the lich’s failing power, and his designs on us. So, mixed news there, overall.

What’s on tomorrow? Planning approval for some new trash dumps, and we’ve got to set up some decent transit for the Varnie exiles. Also guess better pay attention to this whole ‘two mages running amok’ situation.


WinterFae _SNORRI

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