Adopted son of Snorrï


It is true that size DOES matter, but small is a good size too…

Goal: To prove to the world (and Snorri) that he is just as “powerful” an ally as any.


Yngvï is a tiny halfling rescued in a ruin in the forest by the dwarf Snorri as a small child. It is unknown how he came to be at the ruin – Was he abandoned? His parents killed? Kidnapped and then left to die? No one knows.

Yngvï has no memories prior to Snorri finding him. Snorri believed the child to be between one and two years old.

Whilst Snorri told him he was found and adopted at an early age, Yngvï believes he is a dwarf (albeit a rather small and limited in hair one) and Snorri has not tried to convince him otherwise. As far as he is concerned, to be raised a dwarf is to be a dwarf*.

Growing up he was constantly taunted for being “too small for even us smaller folk” and “too weak to even lift a keg”. Due in part to this, and also to the fact that he wishes to “prove” it was worth Snorri’s time raising him, he is determined to prove that his small size is not only not a burden but a highly useful trait.

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