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some journal pages

17 Palesun

We’re on the road, and it’s been a busy couple of weeks, dear journal. First that ambitious little kobold bastard – dealt with through diplomacy, selling him on taking a demotion as an honour, the nitwit. I’ve installed Rezbin as viceroy instead – he’s trustworthy and knows what he’s doing, unlike his predecessor in the role. But I digress. Then we ended up in a horrific series of portal-jumps and Yngvï has… found a new friend. Some kind of automaton, I think. It’s good for him, I’ve been worried he might be jealous now Xinn’s been promoted to my personal hussar. In any rate he has a pet automaton now – it’s quite impressively intelligent in some ways and has been helping Saren with the ‘pink goo’ problem. Oh and hasn’t that just gotten out of control! Saren has shifted into the aether to try and deal with it, which is worrisome. We’ve been putting off a decision about what to do about him.

Of course, then a dragon showed up out of nowhere. YES AN ACTUAL DRAGON. Covered in this awful fungus too – in the poems the dragons aren’t covered in fungus. Maybe I’ll pen a short lay about this one. I had remembered his name from somewhere, Thingo the death master or something. Anyway we managed to bring it down and its burnished skull will make a lovely addition to the castle gates.

I thought a nice little trip to do some mapping would clear our heads – but because the gods enjoy terrible jokes we waltzed straight into some kind of ancient fey-guarded elvish fortress – still inhabited by an ancient elvish vampire of some kind. We almost all became thralls, but thankfully Tansÿ saw through her illusions and busted us out. Least that’s what she said happened. She’s becoming extremely powerful, and I’m very glad she’s on our side. But I do worry she’ll eventually tire of us. She is half elfish after all, even if she’s got a good dwarfy fire in her belly! There is always that possible solution to keep her around… not for my sake, of course! For the good of the realm, you understand.

20 Palesun

Tansÿ has taken off. While out surveying the region mapping we stumbled across two cyclopses performing some kind of heinous ritual (they mentioned Sharptooth? I thought that was a fake kobold idol – must look into). We were outmatched, until Tansÿ just, well, destroyed them. Herself. I know I’ve been trying to teach her how to embrace her inner rage, but… Loki’s arse she’s a one woman cannon battery! And then she just left. Did I mention I was worried, before?

Well, we’ll keep mapping the southern borderlands. She’ll catch up.

2 Highsun


Ides of Firedays

Yngï dragged me to the Wyvern’s Head to see a kobold panto. ‘Wizards and Chickens’. I still don’t understand the lad’s fascination with the scaly little bastards, but the worst part is – the production was actually quite good. Part of the reason was that Marlow and his Uncanny Troubadours actually deigned to come to our little town to perform! Very exciting, and utterly wasted on such a facile little script, but they gave the whole proceedings some verve, and that part with the mushroom was very avant-garde.

28 Firedays

She’s back.

1 Firewane

We’ve decided something needs to be done about this mess with the pink goo syndrome. Saren’s been gone a couple of months now and our quarantined sick bay seems to be, I don’t ken, sick itself. We’ve decided in council to go ourselves to visit the capital and seek out the revered (and, I will guess, fractured) minds who run the Sealed College. Maybe they’ll know something about this disease or these gith-ankeys (people’re mixed up in some kind of space whaling enterprise, apparently).

blatant xp grab... I mean new log
A letter

Snorrï to Mesym and Cedric, Greetings.

A quick missive from our western borderlands, sent by way of Tätzlford – we’ve finally mapped out the foothills (see, Mesym? I haven’t entirely forgot what our king sent us out here for in the first place!) and we’ve taken a look at that strange castle the gnomes warned us about. They really should have been more specific! It looks like some kind of ancient – really ancient – elfish fortress. Defended by some fae and – of course! – still inhabited by some kind of ancient elfish vampire(?) Very dangerous, but dead now. I think.

Anyway, have a look into the budget and see if we can’t kit out a cleanup crew from the guard (and any volunteers), I want to see the golden pipes flying over this place before the year is out. They’ll need some masons as well, and for sure certain a mage and someone from the temple. Oh and see if Saren is up to getting us some see-invisibility scrolls for the new garrison. Until we’ve got a decent presence here I don’t trust this place. Too many trees for one thing!

A page from Snorri' journal

Letter from the king today – all of our good work is paying off! He’s promoted me Viscount Skæggland and raised little Yngï and our friends to knighthoods. He’s also formally recognised our claim to Varn’s old lands – I was a bit worried about that one! But it should help keep the peace with the horsefolk. Xanthippe (note to self: find out if that’s how to spell it) seemed ok with sending over a contingent. I wonder how many of them would like to work for us. It’d be good to have an inexpensive cavalry wing!

So, didn’t tell his Maj that Varnhold castle burned down.. Probably for the best. I don’t know where that fiery stormy rune came from, but there’s some real potential there if I can remember how to draw it again. And ever since, Tansy’s been giving me these really weird looks in the hallways, too…

Odin’s beard, almost forgot – Saren translated those books we found in Vordekai’s lair – lots of nonsense about darkness and voids and doom (so, that’s grand) and also what look like summoning spells for some sort of creature called Hagabaga or something. But parts of it are clearly a diary (not as nice a one as you, o journal my journal!) and mention the lich’s failing power, and his designs on us. So, mixed news there, overall.

What’s on tomorrow? Planning approval for some new trash dumps, and we’ve got to set up some decent transit for the Varnie exiles. Also guess better pay attention to this whole ‘two mages running amok’ situation.

An Epistle

Snorrï, Baron of Skjæggland, to his Majesty the King of Aurian, greetings!

Yer Highness, I write to inform you of recent events in the Stolen Lands. It is my grim duty to say that Baron Varn now feasts with his ancestors, as do many of the people of Varnhold. A witch by the name Nyrissa (and who possibly uses Nyska as an alias) ensorcelled the town and led them to their doom at the hands of a fearsome evil creature, far in the mountains beyond the centaur lands. She also saw to it that the town was occupied by wicked stretch-gnomes (I believe in common they are ‘spriggans’). We were too late to save Varn, but we have rescued some few of the people of Varnhold and these last days retook the town of Varnhold.

If it please yer Majesty, I have taken the liberty of bringing Varnhold and its territory under the control of Skjæggland, for the time being. Some rebuilding will be necessary, and the survivors we shall resettle there from Kazarâm’s treasury. We have, by fortune, entered into friendly relations with the grand centaur tribes living in these parts, and I confidently expect an alliance to blossom.

I am all the same troubled by the continued machinations of this Nyrissa – we have reason to believe she was behind not only the loss of Varnhold, but had also stirred up the recent attacks by trolls and bugbears against Kazarâm.

I send our annual crown gold with this missive.

An Adventure!!!!!!!
MekMak's day

Hello friends!!!!

It is me that is your good friend MekMak who is the friend you know that is called MekMak The Brave!

I had an Adventure today that was a good Adventure but I didn’t have the Adventure with anyone else so I thought I would tell you my friends that know me as MekMak The Brave about my Adventure so you will know about the Adventure I had!

So today (which is when I had the Adventure that I had but it’s before now when I am writing about the Adventure I had) I had an Adventure where I are a spider. It was yummy and squished a lot but I think it was angry. I don’t think it is angry any more now though because I ate it. It was yummy.

After I ate the spider I went to find my good friend Harrison Johns who is the friend that found me in the hole which you know. He want there so I went to the place where I thought he would be. BUT HE WAS NOT THERE!!!!!!!!

When I went to the place where I thought my friend Harrison Johns would be but he wasn’t I saw someone doing something they should not have been doing!! They were trying to take some money from someone else who wasn’t wanting them to take their money from them!! I told them very loudly that they should not be taking money from people that don’t want them to take money from them and they got angry and told me that they would take money from the person that didn’t want them to take money from them and then they would take money from me when I don’t want them to take money from me and then they would take my life too which is weird because they weren’t a dead magic person so I don’t think they would have much use for it so I don’t think that was what they meant and they must have made a mistake!!

So that was my Adventure. The rest of it I think is probably not interesting to you friends of me who you know as MekMak The Brave so I hope you liked my story of my Adventure I had when I want having an Adventure with my friends!!!!

From MekMak The Brave (Kobold)!!

To be promulgated across Skaeggland


By the grace of the high Thunderer and the other gods

BARON SNORRÏ greets our noble and courageous citizens of Skæggland

After long days of struggle and the looming threat of war against vicious trolls and bugbears, the lord of Khazarâm is pleased and honoured to announce


The trolls and bugbears have been brought low by strength of arms. The bugbear camp is burned, the trolls are destroyed in their lair, and the corrupted sorcerous Hargulka, leader of the trolls, is slain. We order the head of this traitorous monster be displayed on a pike.


thank our brave soldiers for defending our lands and our steadfast citizens who have withstood months of fearful raiding standing shoulder to shoulder against this menace. All citizens are invited to Khazarâm for the triumphant celebration of our victory.

Dispatch from Freiskald and Royal Explorator Snorrï

Freiskald and Royal Explorator Snorrï to his Royal Magnificence, greetings

If it is well with you and the kingdom, sir, it is well with us. I send this letter with Roadwarden Dusk to inform you of recent events, along with a copy of the current map of the Stolen Lands, and sealed proof of the downfall of the brigand leader, the Stag Lord, so-called.

As part of our surveying of these lands, we encountered a fortified position, which proved to be the centre of the bandits’ operations. By wit, subterfuge, and – to be clear – a great deal of necessary violence, we alone overran the fort and captured it, slaying the Stag Lord in the process, and many of his loyalists. (An aside, if I may be so bold – if prizes are to be given to the individual most responsible for the death of their leader, then it is Yngvi Snorrisson who must have first credit). In sum, the fort is now under our control and will likely serve as a second outpost for our mission, alongside the flourishing hamlet that Oleg’s tradepost has become.

Also for the notice of your Illustriousness: we encountered not three days ago a band of gnomes (laden – laughably! – with carts and other amenities) stuck in the swampy midlands of this region. They too are engaged upon a cartographic errand, but despite our rescue of their carts, refused to share knowledge or i’faith to explain whom they serve.

As for the rest, the preliminary map sent along with this missive should serve to indicate how the surveyance progresses. There is much that is strange in these lands, but also much worth investigating. Our task continues.

The Stag Lord

Well I can’t believe this, but we actually pulled off a plan perfectly! I mean normally we just burst in fists and arrows flying (as well as a few fire bolts or lightning bursts!), but this time we followed a plan and IT WORKED!!! I mean I knew bandits were rather basic, but who knew we could just walk (and ride) into their base without even having a password!!!

Snori was a genius at his disguise and trickery and Ingvy who is so small took on a mountain of a task. What he lack in dwarven stature (just don’t tell him I have noticed his obvious lack of dwarfish traits) he made up for with courage (or dumb luck, I’m still not sure as I wasn’t in the vicinity).

I was amused by Snu’s dedication to finish the job and punch whatever is in sight (even those fleeing for their lives with their hair still smouldering). I hear she nearly finished an owlbear with just her fists… Now that is the strength I am working towards. With the forces of nature and those kind of muscles behind me I would be a force to be reckoned with… but I digress…

Roger was, as always, useful in summoning his weapon as an extra help to fight off the foes before joining in the bludgeoning of bandit rats. As I heard it, the strength and magic within the party was enough to scare a barbarian turned bandit white with fear and change allegiance to fight alongside us, the just side.

Outside was fun. If I could laugh in my horse form I would have been rolling on the floor! Well I was definitely under the radar from the unsuspecting, basic bandits. The look of shock and surprise on their faces trying to work out what was happening when I harnessed the strength of nature and shot lightning down upon them will be forever etched in my memory. What a great moment in the life of Tansy!

Once the fort was cleared (or so we thought – no thanks to the turncoat barbarian who didn’t tell us anything about Staggy’s dad) I was finally able to see the damage the rest of the party let loose. Wow!!! Lets just say I no longer think of Ingvy as a trap decoy (I mean disarmer). I first thought he was covered in his own blood from the mission going bad, but one glimpse of Staggy laying dead from a fiercely accurate and deep stab to the heart showed me exactly why that little guy was covered from face to fingertips in blood.

Staggy’s dad on the other hand, well he went down how most of our adventuring has been, walking headlong into danger and blindly fighting our way out. I actually think the old man caused us as much trouble as the rest of the bandit encampment! I mean to say we were shocked is an understatement… who expects to see a wolverine on a roof of a dank basement, let alone a wolverine summoning giant ants and spider swarms. He was an abomination of nature and the world is a brighter place knowing that he is only remains in the mud he created.

All in all, this chapter of our journey has been very satisfying. The most satisfying part was that for clearing up the fort we received a new ally, a new base of operations, two bounties for the one body, and our first sellable good for the jerky joint… OWLBEAR JERKY, 200 pounds of the stuff!!! Surely that has to be an extremely rare delicacy that no one else offers!!!

Ides of Redfall
A walking song

[to the tune of ‘tip top english muffins ad from the 80s
or if you insist, the british grenadiers march]

Oh we went on marching up the land,
and we went on marching down.
And we met a friendly froggy man;
we saw statues fallen down.

We wandered through a foetid swamp,
and mapped the mountains high.
We et delicious mountain pig;
killed some bandits ‘til they died.

And then we met a nasty witch,
who tried to eat our eyes –
so Yngi used explosive stab
(and Snorrï’s always right)

Yngi's Diary

Went for our usual long walkies through the Stolen Lands. What a relief to get away from that crazy boat! Whomever reads this will probably think that last sentence means the crazy one is me…

Came across some more of those bandit bastards. As expected they were all show and when threatened left us like the cowards I could see they were. Daddy McBagpipes (don’t let him read this – he hates it when I call him that) woke us up later that night – the idiot cowards tried to attack us in our sleep!! What fools. We quickly made them regret that decision (well, those of them that were still solid). I’m finding my archery is improving, although I still feel my strength holds me back when I’m fighting up close. I’m trying to work out how to use my small size as an advantage but it’s taking some work.

We came across the tribe of Kobolds we heard about. It turns out that the hole full of big bugs that nearly killed us last time is housing some statue or something they want back. Since we intended to go back with our fire-barrel to clear it out we figured we could attempt to help relations with the little lizard guys at the same time. I came up with a plan (with some help) to try to make the caverns a little less dangerous for us by blocking one of the paths off. Our intention was to lure the creatures out one at a time and take care of them that way. Unfortunately we didn’t count on their amazing agility and speed! If only I could move like that! I’m sure there is a lot that I could learn from watching how different creatures fight. People all seem to be using the same lumbering attacks but the creatures all really know how to use their special attributes so well. I’m sure that is the key to using my size to it’s fullest. I have a feeling I’ll have to unlearn a lot of what I think I know before I get that far though.

Eventually we cleared them off and in a surprising change of luck we actually worked out a peaceful resolution to the lizard guys’ problem (and rescued another at the same time!).

Well, looks like my watch is over, time to sleep.


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